Ryan and Anne's Wedding at the Historic Sarasota County Courthouse

Journal and Imagery by Sarasota Wedding Photographers Popping Champaign Photography.

Ryan and Anne had always dreamed of a small, intimate wedding ceremony, surrounded by just their immediate family. They knew that having a smaller wedding would allow them to focus on what really mattered – their love for each other and the commitment they were making.

They chose to have their ceremony at the historic Sarasota County Courthouse, a beautiful building that has been standing for over 90 years. The grandeur of the building and its stunning architecture made for a picture-perfect wedding location. Anne and Ryan exchanged vows in front of the courthouse, with just their closest family members in attendance. It was a simple, yet beautiful ceremony that perfectly reflected their love for each other.

After the ceremony, Anne and Ryan and their family headed to 1592 Wood Fired Kitchen & Cocktails to celebrate. The restaurant is located in the heart of downtown Sarasota and is known for its delicious wood-fired cuisine and creative cocktails. The ambiance of the restaurant was perfect for the newlyweds and their family to relax and enjoy a meal together.

As they sat under the luminescence of warm string lights, Anne and Ryan's family members were full of joy and excitement for the newlyweds. They shared stories, laughter, heartfelt congratulations in addition to the best food and drinks in downtown Sarasota as they celebrated the couple's marriage.

Anne and Ryan were grateful for the intimate wedding ceremony and lunch at 1592 Wood Fired Kitchen & Cocktails. They knew that this special day was all about the love they shared for each other, and the memories they had made would be cherished for a lifetime. Reminiscing on their day, Anne and Ryan knew that a smaller wedding was the perfect choice for them. They were able to focus on the most important aspect of their day – their love for each other – and create a special moment that they would never forget. The Sarasota County Courthouse and 1592 Wood Fired Kitchen & Cocktails provided the perfect setting for their wedding day, and they were grateful for the memories they had made together with their closest friends and family.

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