Popping Champaign Photography's Sippin' Champagne Polaroid Bundles

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Hi, nearlyweds! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! As professional wedding photographers, we understand the importance of capturing every moment of your special day. One way we love to do this is by providing you with our Sippin' Champagne Polaroid Bundles, providing a unique and unforgettable experience for you and your guests.


Our Polaroid bundles are designed for guests to be able to capture their own selfies and spontaneous moments, perfect for creating candid and fun memories that you can cherish forever. We offer two different Sippin' Champagne Polaroid Bundles: the Royal Blush Polaroid Bundle and the Black Velvet Polaroid Bundle.

Royal Blush

The Royal Blush Polaroid Bundle is our premium package, designed for those who want to go all out on their wedding day. The cameras are elegant and chic with a classic matte finish that will complement any wedding décor. The acrylic sign and box are perfect for highlighting the instant film images your guests take, and the new personalized album is a beautiful way to store your memories for decades to come.

Royal Blush Polaroid Bundle includes:

  • 2 Instant Film Cameras
  • Up to 150 Film Sheets
  • Prosecco Guestbook Album
  • Use of Acrylic Sign and Box

Black Velvet

Our Black Velvet Polaroid Bundle's camera is sleek and stylish that adds a touch of elegance to any event. The acrylic sign and box are a great way to display the images, and the personalized black velvet keepsake bag is the perfect way to take them home.

The Black Velvet Polaroid Bundle includes:

  • 1 Instant Film Camera
  • Up to 75 Film Sheets
  • Personalized Black Velvet Keepsake Bag
  • Use of Acrylic Sign and Box
  • Prosecco Guestbook Album
  • Additional Film Sheets
  • Second Film Camera

Our cameras use modern technology to produce high-quality film Polaroids that are sure to impress. The film sheets are made with advanced emulsion chemistry that captures vivid colors and crisp details. The cameras also have features like autofocus, flash, and exposure control that allow your guests to take stunning photos in any lighting conditions. With our Polaroid bundles, you can enjoy the classic look and feel of film photography with all the modern conveniences of digital technology.


One of the most exciting things about our Polaroid bundles is that the photos are instant. As soon as a picture is taken, it develops right before your eyes, creating a fun and interactive experience for you and your guests. At the end of the night, we delicately package the photos in either the personalized black velvet keepsake bag or the vintage keepsake box, depending on which Polaroid bundle you choose. This means that you can take your photos home with you on the same day as your wedding, creating an instant and tangible memory that you can enjoy right away.


Keep in mind that our Polaroid bundles aren't just a fun way to capture candid moments of your special day - they can also be used as a unique and interactive photo guestbook. Your guests can use the cameras to take selfies or group photos throughout the day and leave them in the acrylic box along with a special message for you, the happy couple! Guests can even take the cameras to the dance floor and capture their own images of the festivities, creating a personalized and unforgettable snapshot of your wedding day. With our Polaroid bundles, your guests become an integral part of capturing the memories of your special day, creating a unique and personal keepsake that you will treasure forever.


Our Polaroid bundles complement our wedding photography packages seamlessly, as you can cherish your special day's memories with instant prints to take home while also enjoying sneak peeks of your professionally shot images within 48 hours, and your final professional, hand-edited wedding gallery delivered within 10 weeks.

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