Bringing eras together by combining our vintage aesthetic with modern-classic couples who value whimsical, joyful, and timeless images to cherish the moments of their wedding day for decades to come.

Two Sarasota wedding photographers sitting at a Sarasota wedding venue. Best Friend photographers.


Holding her leather wedding album,

Lia's eyes were glistening…

...with tears as she relived hearing her husband's vows for the first time. She could almost hear the harp's melody still playing softly in the garden as she caressed her wedding album.

In this moment, we've never felt so satisfied with the art we’ve created as wedding photographers. While our friendship began bonding over our shared love for champagne and photography, being able to preserve moments like Lia's is one of the many reasons why we love being your best friend wedding photographer duo.

Two Sarasota wedding photographers sitting at a Sarasota wedding venue. Best Friend photographers.

Popping Champaign's Featured Sarasota Wedding Photography:

A Lavish Wedding at the Lake Club Perfected with Topical Touches

Elizabeth and Caleb's wedding allowed their guests to be transported to a tropical paradise from the moment they arrived due to their vibrant blooms, exotic greenery, and waterfront ceremony. Click here to see images from Elizabeth and Caleb's stunning wedding.

A Picturesque Wedding in an Enchanted Courtyard

Alex and Tiffany's wedding ceremony at The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature was radiant, intentional, and romantic! It took place in The Bishop's enchanted, victorian courtyard and even included a surprise appearance from manatees! Click here to see how the wedding of their dreams unfolded.

A Garden Tea Party Inspired Bridal Shower at The Ritz-Carlton

Ashley's bridal shower was a complete dream! This whimsy, garden tea party inspired bridal shower was absolutely stunning with vibrant flower garlands and pastel taper candles. Click here to see more images from Ashley's special day at the Ritz-Carlton captured by your wedding photographers in Sarasota.

"Zoe and Damara were an absolute pleasure to work with. They allowed us to enjoy ourselves and capture the beauty in the little moments, and our pictures are GORGEOUS. We will treasure these photos for the rest of our lives."

-Kathy & Alex

Floral centerpieces at wedding guest table decorated with pink table runner. Sarasota wedding photography details

Preserving Every Part of Your Special Day with Images to Last a Lifetime

We have had the pleasure of documenting some of the most beautiful Sarasota weddings and turning these moments into pieces of art. Our imagery is candid yet contains intentional and delicate detail. Our tones are refined and timeless, allowing our couples and their loved ones to cherish these memories for decades to come. There is nothing that brings us more joy than preserving one of the most special moments of your life. We are passionate about our craft and always create whimsical, joyful, timeless and one-of-a-kind wedding galleries for all of our couples!

Bride tossing wedding bouquet in the air at her Sarasota wedding venue captured by Sarasota wedding photographers.

Cheering With You & Celebrating Your Best Moments

If there is anything we bring with us on wedding days outside of our photography equipment, it is cheers! Whether we are cheering you on before you walk down the aisle, capturing the moment you pop open a sparkling bottle of bubbly as a newly wedded couple, or your best friend just caught your wedding bouquet at the end of the night, we are here to support you and cheer with you every step of the way.

Wedding Father Daughter Dance. Emotional Wedding Moments captured by Sarasota Wedding Photographers. Black bride natural

Telling Your Story Through Our Lens

Every person has their own story and the wedding day is one of the most important chapters! We want to capture your genuine emotions, candid moments, and portray the real you in the story we tell. The smile you have when you first see your spouse, the tear rolling down your father's cheek during your dance together, and the enthusiasm from your friends shaking the dance floor at your reception are all moments we preserve and turn into a tangible album of authentic memories. You set the scene while your Sarasota wedding photographers freeze time and elegantly tell your story.

A brides wedding dress hanging at their Sarasota venue on her wedding day. Romantic Sarasota wedding photography details

Capturing Each Detail That Makes You, You!

We are Sarasota FL wedding photographers that have an extraordinary love for all the small things and will always capture these delicate details, so you are able to recall your wedding day just as it unfolds. You can relax and live in the moment while we enhance your delicate details through our intention and style. We want you to enjoy your wedding day while we create the beautiful artwork you have always dreamed of.

Bride and groom share their first kiss at their ocean front venue. Photography Sarasota wedding photographers

A Personalized Experience for a One of a Kind Couple

Your love is one of a kind, so why would we provide a standard experience?! Every couple has their own ideas and values, so we provide a customized experience from the start. We get to know you and your love story before your wedding day and will even help you craft a timeline to ensure your day flows with ease! As local Sarasota FL wedding photographers, we will provide you with not only the most beautiful images, but the best experience and all of the tips we have up our sleeves.

Tattoo bride and Groom on their Sarasota weddings day in Florida. FL wedding photographers

We would love to hear from you! Share your questions, comments, and dreams with us directly by completing this short form. Zoe + Damara, your Sarasota photographers, will be in touch with you shortly.

"Zoe & Damara were absolutely the best photographers that anyone could hope for. The pictures been absolutely breathtaking of our special day, and they were an absolute dream to work with. They were fun, friendly, and easily blended in with everyone. I swear every guest at my wedding made it a point to let me know how kind, fun, and awesome my photographers were. Love love love!!"

-Lisa & Alex

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