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We're Zoe and Damara, Your Best Friend Photography Duo.

When you entrust us as your wedding photographers, we are more than just your average vendors. We are your friends that stick with you your whole day, and you gain access to our expertise, guidance, and our unwavering support. We are committed to cheering you on and putting you at ease throughout our entire collaboration by carefully crafting your experience to ensure your peace of mind. We always go above and beyond to take care of the people we care about, and we can ensure that you will be feeling confident, comfortable, and relaxed.

"Zoe & Damara were fun, friendly, and easily blended in with everyone. I swear every guest at my wedding made it a point to let me know how kind, fun, and awesome my photographers were. Love love love!!"

-Lisa & Alex



I married my soulmate, Jonathan, at the historic Fountain of Youth, because we always feel like no time has passed when we're laughing together. Many years, adventures, and a doggy-adoption later, our house is filled with love, laugher, sweet smelling wine corks, and camera gear that is ready to capture any moment.

We keep an endless pile of shoes by our front door because we never know if we are going to a fine dining restaurant downtown, make a day trip to Universal, take a morning beach trip, or visit Myakka State Park to see the tree tops. 

I make detailed timelines, but wedding photography taught me to embrace ambiguity. I have learned to love each moment as it happens and always find a way to get the perfect shot, even if it means conquering my fear of heights or running to get another angle that my early years of softball prepared me for.

Wedding days are always full of fun moments with my couples who I’ve gotten to know closely, and my best friend who went from my bridesmaid to photography business partner!

I’m from a small town, Champaign, Illinois but I have a love for busy cities. I enjoy sitting in the sun and on weekdays, I have to stop myself from making too many trips to antique shops.

I believe in building strong relationships with people of all walks of life, making a positive impact where I go, and that marriages should be as joyful as wedding days.

I'm your new midwest bestie who works every day to be the best wife, dog mom, and wedding photographer.



I've been holding the hands of my husband, Alberto, ever since we walked the halls in high school 18 years ago.

If being a mom of two boys, two dogs, one cat, and one ferret has taught me anything, it's that there is never too much love to go around, and I am able to thrive in even the most chaotic environments!

As the "corkier" half of Popping Champaign that is fluent in two languages (thanks to my Cuban parents!), I am guaranteed to be able to make anyone laugh.

Being born in Miami, I have a strong love for music, and growing up dancing has given me the stamina I need to simultaneously dance my heart out on your dance floor without missing any moments!

If given the opportunity, I will always eat breakfast food with a mimosa at any time of day, although enjoying a sweet slice of wedding cake or a pink Cumbl Sugar Cookie is a close second.

I'm your new best friend who will always help you get your celebration started and will be hyping you up from the time we step foot into your bridal sweet to your sparkling send off.

"Zoe and Damara were not only professional, but they were so friendly and easy to work with. I especially loved their personalities and how down to earth they both were."

-Sarah & Tim

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You're head-over-heels in love and can easily imagine yourself walking down the aisle, watching your soulmate's eyes begin to glisten as you approach. You are feeling the butterflies in your stomach flutter and you are eager to hold their hands during this sacred moment.


You hand-wrote your wedding vows, because it is important for your wedding to be authentically you. You also know you want to preserve these memories for the rest of your lives together.


When you imagine your reception, you can feel your loved one's embrace as you sway to your first dance song, followed by endless laugher shining bright under the DJ's colorful lights, celebrating your new union with your friends and family.

If this is you, you're in the right place! We understand the importance of capturing breathtaking images that reflect the genuine emotions shared between you and your partner. Our approach is all about preserving the authenticity of each moment, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the joy of your special day, so you can look back on your images 5, 10, 20+ years later and still feel those same butterflies. Whether it's stealing a quiet moment with your spouse before your first dance or sharing heartfelt hugs and radiant smiles with your beloved guests through out the night, we'll be there to capture those precious memories you've always envisioned for your wedding day without taking you out of those moments.

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We're thrilled that you've found us, and we can't wait to be a part of your celebration! We are here to make your special day even more extraordinary, so complete our short form to see how we can bring an extra POP to your celebration. Let's become friends while we create and document some unforgettable memories for you to cherish. Cheers! - Zoe & Damara

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Zoe & Damara, Wedding Photographers Florida

Zoe and Damara are award winning wedding photographers based in Southwest Florida. We specialize in a perfect blend of posed and candid wedding photography for couples in search of whimsical, joyful, and ageless images. If you are looking for a wedding photographer based in SW Florida that is available to travel, you are in the right place!

Florida locations we frequently serve: Sarasota, Bradenton, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Lakeland, Tampa, Venice, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples, Marco Island.