Our commitment goes beyond capturing images - it's about curating an unparalleled experience for you. With our unobtrusive approach, meticulous planning and a dedication to your peace of mind, we ensure that every detail is accounted for, allowing you to enjoy each moment while we discreetly document the emotions and authentic interactions through dreamy, joyful, and ageless images.


As Melissa made her way down the aisle...

...she couldn't help but take in every detail of her surroundings. The fresh scent of her bouquet, the soft fabric of her father's suit, and the smiling faces of her loved ones. She felt a sense of calm overcome her knowing that she was about to start a new journey with her soulmate. In this moment, Melissa was fully present and able to savor every second of her wedding day as she knew that each moment was being developed into preciously documented memories to cherish.

I want beautiful images while enjoying my wedding day
The Popping champaign experience:

Capturing the beauty of life and love through whimsical, joyful, and ageless images that stand the test of time.

Hi, Nearlyweds!

You must be so excited and we cannot wait to share that excitement with you! Grab your favorite bottle of bubbly while we walk you through our seamless Popping Champaign experience!

The popping champaign experience:

Fill out our contact form, so we can set aside some time to chat! Whether over email, text, or phone call, we want to get to know you and hear what you are dreaming up for your special day, so we can understand your unique vision.

II. Let's Make it Official

Once you say YES to us capturing your special day, you'll get to use our easy electronic booking experience to make it official! We'll also send you all the tips and tricks that we have up our sleeves to make your wedding day flow as smoothly as a freshly popped bottle of bubbly!

III. Zesty Engagement Session

Experience your Zesty Engagement Session in a fun and romantic setting at our private, luxury studio where old world meets new or at one of our hand selected outdoor locations. Let's pop some champagne while we walk you through our posing process and celebrate your engagement!

IV. Toasts & Timelines

One month before your big day, we'll start discussing the specifics! We're here to tailor the day around you, help you craft your timeline, and bring your visions to life! Everything from the planning through getting ready and leaving in your getaway car, and everything in between.

V. The Most Important Day

It's your wedding day! We are going to be by your side, cheering you on every step of the way. Sit back, relax, and feel the wedding day butterflies while we capture your love story from behind our lenses.

VI. Sip, Celebrate, and Share

Sip champagne while you relive your wedding day through your own private online gallery! Share these freshly developed moments with your loved ones and on your socials, so everyone can celebrate with you.

VII. Heirlooms & Wall Art

After capturing your special day, your images deserve an elegant home to stand the test of time. We offer a variety of fine art, such as ageless albums, wall art from your own private storefront, and USB drives, fit to be your very own time capsule.

We'd love to hear what you're dreaming up!

"At the end of the day, when the champagne has been popped, the food has been eaten, and the last song has played, the one thing that you will have to withstand the test of time is the photographs from your wedding day."

 - P.C.




Each moment of your day will be delicately captured by Zoe and Damara with intention.

Every image is enhanced through our hand-edited signature style and retouching.

You are provided with a private, online gallery to visually tell your love story.

You're encouraged to view, download, and share your images as much as your heart desires.

You can transform your digital gallery into physical prints with ease by having them shipped directly from your gallery to your doorstep.

You can turn your digital images into hand-made, museum grade European photo albums and wall art, designed to stand the test of time.

Every couple has the option to utilize our authentic vintage pieces to elevate their details or getting ready experience.


Starting at $3500


Starting at $1500

You are unique with your own vision of how you see your wedding day. We want to hear what you value, understand how we can bring your wedding daydream to fruition, and how we can be the best support system for you! Best believe we are going to be by your side, walking you through this amazing moment in your lives, and cheering with you every step of the way! We look forward to speaking with you soon.


We're selective about the weddings we choose to photograph, focusing on couples who are head over heals in love and want their deep connection to be documented in a whimsical, joyful, and ageless aesthetic. If this is you, complete our short contact form! Zoe + Damara will be in touch with you swiftly!

"The engagement pictures are AMAZING! I actually teared up looking at them!"

- Joliette B.

Popping Champaign Photography

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Zoe and Damara are award winning wedding photographers based in Southwest Florida. We specialize in a perfect blend of posed and candid wedding photography for couples in search of whimsical, joyful, and ageless images. If you are looking for a wedding photographer based in SW Florida that is available to travel, you are in the right place!