RJ and Lamia's Wedding at Hollis Gardens

Journal and Imagery by Lakeland Wedding Photographers Popping Champaign Photography.

RJ and Lamia shared a vision of celebrating their union in a way that truly reflected their unique love story. Seeking an intimate and authentic setting, they discovered the perfect backdrop nestled in the heart of Lakeland for their elopement. Surrounded by the soothing melodies of chirping birds and the gentle whisper of rustling trees, they found themselves immersed in the serene beauty of Hollis Gardens. Amongst the vibrant blooms and tranquil ambience, their elopement unfolded, weaving together the elements of nature and love to create a truly enchanting and heartfelt experience.

Lamia was radiant and glowing, donned an ivory wedding dress with light pink undertones. The gown, adorned with 150 organza petals and delicate 3D flower appliques, was a masterpiece of artistry and elegance. Each petal and stitch was lovingly hand-sewn, creating an ethereal look that perfectly complemented the surrounding floral paradise. Lamia floated through the gardens with her dress flowing delicately behind her and her pink bouquet by her side from Sarasota Florist.

RJ radiated timeless elegance in his tan suit, perfectly complementing Lamia's ethereal presence. With meticulous attention to detail, he adorned himself with accessories that harmonized flawlessly with their enchanting elopement. A light pink bowtie graced his collar, tying together his ensemble and mirroring the delicate hues of Lamia's attire. In his pocket, his pocket square showcased subtle light pink polkadots, echoing the playful and romantic atmosphere of their special day. The shade of pink chosen for both his accessories and Lamia's heels and flower earrings created a captivating synchronicity, symbolizing their unity and the shared journey they were embarking upon. Together, Lamia and RJ were absolutely stunning as they walked hand-in-hand through the gardens.

Hollis Gardens, with its meticulously landscaped gardens and serene water features, provided the perfect backdrop for Lamia and RJ's romantic elopement. As they ventured into this botanical oasis, the gentle fragrance of blooming flowers permeated the air, enveloping them in a cocoon of natural beauty as they exchanged their vows. The delicate petals and flowers that adorned Lamia's gown mirrored the blossoming love between the couple, symbolizing the beauty of their union and commitments they shared.

As their wedding photographers, we were honored to be part of their love story, preserving these wonderful memories that will be treasured for decades to come. Scroll down to see the images of their whimsical elopement at Hollis Gardens captured by us, Lakeland wedding photographers Popping Champaign Photography.

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