Ari and Bryce's Couples Session at Hillsborough River State Park

Journal and Imagery by Tampa Wedding Photographers Popping Champaign Photography

As Tampa wedding photographers, we have the privilege of capturing the most beautiful moments in people's lives. Recently, we had the honor of photographing Ari and Bryce's breathtaking couples session at Hillsborough River State Park, where their love story unfolded in the most whimsical and romantic way. Complete with a forrest green canoe and candlelit river, this magical moment allowed us to witness their genuine connection as they embarked on their lifelong adventure together, surrounded by the most beautiful canopy of greenery.


Hillsborough River State Park, nestled in the heart of Florida, served as the picturesque backdrop for Ari and Bryce's session. The park's lush greenery, serene waters, and the soothing sounds of nature provided the perfect setting for their session. Ari and Bryces canoe was adorned with lanterns and twinkling tea lights, casting a soft, warm glow as Ari and Bryce glided down the calm river. Their radiant smiles, tender gestures, and heartfelt gazes spoke volumes about the love they share. It was a true honor to freeze these precious moments in time, immortalizing their love story and the special moments they shared.

Ari, with her deep admiration for the timeless film "The Notebook," yearned for her wedding photography session to embody the same enchanting romance and magical atmosphere. Understanding her affinity for classic, romantic, and cinematic films, we infused their gallery with a captivating cinematic feel. Through the artistry of black and white images, we brought forth a sense of elegance and timelessness, while the subtle addition of grain evoked a beautiful nostalgia, familiarity, and a touch of cinematic allure. The result was a gallery that exuded a classically romantic ambiance, reminiscent of cherished moments captured on the silver screen, eternally preserving the love story of Ari and Bryce in a way that truly resonated with their hearts. View the cinematic images below taken by Tampa wedding photographers, Popping Champaign Photography.

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