Luxury Time Capsules

Life is all about people, moments & emotions that we want to hold on to. Capturing these cherished moments is like preserving the finest champagne, allowing them to mature with time while retaining their beauty and significance. That's where our time capsules come in, designed to be the timeless vessels for people, moments and emotions to stand the test of time.

Pricing Available by Request

Luxury Albums

12x12" (40 images)

10x10" (30 images)

8x8" (20 images)

Wall Art

Legacy Prints: 8x10, 18x24, 20x30

Metal Print Sizes: 8x10, 16x20

Framed Canvas Sizes: 11x14, 16x20, 20x30

Folio Boxes

20 Matted Images

15 Matted Images

10 Matted Images

"The art with time capsules is that they're tangible. It is a physical reminder of the vows, the joy, and the intimate whispers that define a wedding day. Its physical form grants permanence to the fleeting moments that weave the tapestry of your love story."

—Inspired by Bridgerton

Mini Time Capsules

Personalized USB + Prints

Engraved USB Drive in your Initials

Enlarged Wooden Box in Walnut with Lid

10 4x6 Prints

Personalized USB

Engraved USB Drive in your Initials

Wooden Box in Walnut with Lid