If you are here, chances are you're a small business, and we couldn't be more thrilled! We have a deep passion for being involved in the small business community and firmly believe that together we can achieve great things. We are incredibly passionate about creating an exceptional wedding experience for couples and with this shared goal, I know we could join forces so we can all connect with more couples and provide them with a vendor team that truly excites them and guides them seamlessly through this important new chapter in their lives and love story. Our paths have crossed for a reason, and we hope that reason is because you resonate with our work and want to be part of the support and resources we offer to both our couples and other small businesses. If that's the case, we're off to an amazing start, and we would love to connect and collaborate with you!

If you haven't reached out to us yet, please do, so we can chat! We're eager to learn more about you, your business, and how we can contribute to the greater success of our local small business community!

Together, We Can Reach New Heights and Create Timeless Art.

I. Styled Shoots

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II. Blog Posts

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III. Branding Sessions

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The Popping Champaign Experience

Our process of serving our couples is truly exciting because it allows your values, wants and needs to be heard, understood and captured. We take great pride in getting to know you and your business, strategically planning for your peace of mind, and preserving every part of your craft through our intention, detail, and art. At the base of our process is Authenticity, Connection, Celebration, and Style.


Authenticity is at the heart of everything we do. We believe in capturing genuine moments, not just staged poses. Our approach goes beyond simply photographing your products; we collaborate with you to showcase your craftsmanship through your details and highlight your products being used by couples. We strive to portray authentic emotions and candid moments in our images, ensuring that the art we create is both visually stunning and emotionally meaningful where your craft is at the forefront. 


The wedding industry is a place of immense excitement and joy, and we are thrilled to be a part of it. Couples choose to get married because they share an extraordinary connection, and we believe that your craft plays a significant role in their love story. It's our mission to document the profound connection they have to your work. Through our images, we immortalize the essence of their love and the significance of your contribution to their special day. Together, we can create a beautiful narrative that celebrates their connection and highlights the invaluable role you play in their love story.


At Popping Champaign, celebration is a staple in our business! We believe in creating a collaborative experience where we can work together to curate content that reflects the spirit of celebration, and we want you to be a part of this moment. As an integral part of our couples' celebrations, we want to highlight you because you bring the magic that help make our couples' wedding days unforgettable. Let's take a moment to celebrate us and give back to our businesses!


Our acclaimed style is whimsical, joyful, and timeless, and this is what sets us apart. We believe that wedding photography should be romantic, dreamy, and timeless – something that you'll treasure for decades to come. We use our experience and style to enhance your craft by capturing the stunning details you have created while also ensuring it captures the whimsy and joy of the day as it unfolds.

With Authenticity, Connection, Celebration, and Style being at the base of our process, we capture the unnoticed moments, otherwise forgotten memories, unexpected perspectives, and the unique personalities specific to each couple; however, these precious moments would not be the same without your small business. Let's work together to create more special content to highlight your craft!

Let's Collaborate!

Styled Shoot

Are you eager to join a grand collaboration between Popping Champaign and other small businesses within the wedding industry? Simply express your interest, and we'll ensure your inclusion in our list! By being part of this collaboration, you'll have the privilege of being at the forefront when we organize styled shoots, granting you the opportunity to receive recognition and be featured alongside fellow local creatives.

As a vendor participating in these styled shoots, you will receive a complete gallery of high-quality images, courtesy of Popping Champaign Photography and other talented local artists.

The Blissful Blog

A customized blog post made to highlight your business and enhance your vendor voice. This blog post will be all about your business and will be shared on our Popping Champaign Journal for all of our couples to see! Includes:

  • One Blissful Blog Post
  • Up to 5 high resolution, hand-edited images of your craft
  • Up to 3 backlinks and keywords to boost your Search Engine Optimization
  • Commercial Use Rights for you to share and use the images for your website and social media platforms

Starting at $300.000 per article.

Flourish Feature

Have your business highlighted in a blog post for couples looking for wedding vendors. This blog post will be shared on our Popping Champaign Journal for couples to see. Includes:

  • Being featured in one blog post along with other vendors
  • Up to 1 backlink and keywords to boost your Search Engine Optimization.

Starting at $100.000 per article.

Branding Session

A one hour branding session to showcase you and your craft. Starting at $500.00.

  • One Photographer
  • 1 Hour Continuous Coverage
  • Up to 20 Images
  • Private Online Gallery
  • Each Image Hand-Edited
  • High Resolution Digital Files
  • Unrestricted Printing Rights

Hi! We're Zoe and Damara, Florida wedding photographers with a passion for collaborating with other small businesses. Fill out our short contact form, so we can connect!

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Groom jumping in the air after wedding ceremony. Captured by Florida wedding photographers.