How to Pop Champagne for Your Engagement!

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If you're here, chances are you are either already engaged or planning the perfect moment to pop the question! Either way, we are here to help teach you how to do the BEST champagne pop, so you are prepared to properly celebrate this beautiful moment in your lives!! As wedding photographers who have an affinity for champagne, you've come to the right place to learn as we are just as great at popping champagne as we are behind the camera!

Step 1: Choose Your Bubbly

Since we are picking the perfect champagne for popping, I recommend choosing a cheap champagne with a cork top. With the way we are going to get that extra large POP, you are going to be spraying the majority of the bottle, so save the expensive bottle for toasting afterwards! This $20 bottle will do wonders, because it's about the pop, not so much the quality! Also, if this is your first time popping a champagne, I recommend getting two bottles, just in case you need to give it a second go!

Step 2: Don't Keep Cool - Shake It!

For the largest pop, you will NOT want to refrigerate your champagne! I recommend keeping it at room temperatures, so it is extra fizzy. Before you're ready to pop it, give it a very good shake (at least 30 seconds) before removing the cage over the cork. This step is crucial for that explosive fizz, so make sure you give it a really good shake, then remove the cage!

Step 3: Plan Your Pose

Decide on your pose in advance, even if it is in those last moments of shaking the bottle and removing the cage! The champagne pop goes quickly and can be very exciting, so planning your pose in advance will have you ready for the pop, so you can make the most of the fleeting moment.

*If a windy day, also consider which way the wind is blowing when choosing your pose, so the spray doesn't come back to cover you!

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Step 4: Pop and Spray

It's showtime! Use your thumb to push up on the bottom of the champagne cork to let the champagne spray!! As you are spraying the champagne, have your thumb over part of the tip of the champagne bottle, just like you would if you were spraying a garden hose. While you have your thumb over the bottle's opening, keep shaking the bottle up and down to give it the best champagne pop for an engagement!

Step 5: Keep Your Keepsake!

Be quick to find and collect the cork—it's a super cute keepsake and will keep you from leaving a trace behind. (We love environmentally conscious couples!)

Step 6: Baby Wipes!

Have baby wipes handy to quickly wipe your hands clean after the spray, as it can sometimes be sticky! Especially if you are celebrating your engagement by taking engagement photos, you will want your hands to look and feel clean.

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The Most Important Step!

Step 7: Capture the Moment!!

Make sure to have your camera READY to capture the fun, genuine reactions! Popping champagne always brings the best smiles and laughter! The magic really lies in those candid moments.

For the best images, remember, you can always call your champagne-popping-pro best friends at Popping Champaign Photography! We are Sarasota engagement photographers who specialize in anything from proposals through weddings and vow renewals, so we are always here to help capture any of the precious moments in your love story.

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